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February 20, 2024

6 reasons why living by the sea is good for your health!

There's something magical about living by the sea, and we all seem to agree on that. Besides dictating a new way of life, it's also perfect for your health, significantly impacting its improvement. Living by the sea means creating a new routine that never gets boring and, in many cases, can be inspiring, boosting creativity and making you more productive in your daily life. Since people began exploring the planet, they have consistently sought out water, and even today, in modern times, we choose to relax or spend special moments in nature, mainly in coastal areas. But why is coastal living so valuable? Below, we list some concrete reasons.

1. Blue spaces

The feeling of tranquillity we gain from the sea and its colour is what scientists call the "blue mind," a highly effective way to detach from hyperactive life and enter a calmer flow. Just like the green, blue colour has the same soothing effect, especially after a busy week or day.

2. Clean Air

The air by the sea is much cleaner, and according to studies, it contains more negative ions that are beneficial to health. Negative ions increase serotonin levels, serving as a mood regulator, and also helping boost energy levels.

3. Boost your body’s immunity!

Plants and trees in coastal areas produce a substance called Phytoncides, which helps eliminate harmful bacteria and also boosts the body's immunity. Through this, our bodies increase the production of white blood cells, which serve to protect us from various infections or diseases.

4. More vitamin D

We all know how important vitamin D is for health and how challenging it can be to obtain it through food alone. The only safe and effective way is exposure to sunlight, and regularly being in contact with seawater and blue spaces ensures this.

5. Improved sleep

A study by the National Trust has revealed that people who walk by the sea for at least 30 minutes everyday experience better sleep quality. Seaside walks also help combat insomnia and usually contribute to sleeping at least an hour more than in cases where no seaside walk is taken.

6. Emotional well-being

Just being by the sea can make you feel relaxed and much calmer in just a few minutes. Experts have found that the sea acts as an emotional state regulator through the breeze, fresh air, and the sound of the sea waves. Simply hearing the sound of the waves can make all the difference.

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