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July 8, 2022

Vlora Marina , a rendezvous to everyone

Soon, a brand new urban development will be attached to the city of Vlora, a world - class destination that integrates lifestyle with various services. Vlora Marina is the tourism port which will redefine not only tourism in this city but also in the country, giving Albania a key role on the map of elite tourism. Vlora Marina is conceptualised as a marine where yachts will be located in our country, with the intention of exploring the untouched beauties of the Adriatic and Ionian coast. The newest project does not only consist of the marine, but it also includes a promenade along it, hotels, numerous service units, parks and the Plazza. Considering its unique location by the sea, this stunning development sets a new standard by offering customers a vibrant environment where they can choose from several amenities and services to enjoy with their friends or family. This is a destination for every season, as interesting and meaningful as the most famous similar projects in Europe with a surprising range of possibilities already in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its strategic positioning, Vlora Marina will offer many different options for exploring the Albanian coast, opening up endless opportunities both in terms of tourism development and the impact it will have on the Albanian economy.