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Interested in new retail spaces? Limited availability left!

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Vlora Waterfront Promenade lies in a site with incredible potential, setting in motion a much-needed revival for Vlora’s waterfront by connecting the existing city promenade (winner of international competition in  2014) with the sandy 2km beach.
The journey on the promenade is a real unforgettable experience where you can enjoy a high-quality time thanks to its direct access to an endless choice of bars, restaurants, shops, and much more.

Coffee shops and high-end restaurants

Entertaining areas

Retail outlets and a shopping destination

Sports for adventures and relax

Open seafront gym

A loving sunset

Starting every day a new journey to express your lifestyle. Living the thrill of unlimited adventures. Crossing lands, seas, and skies, knowing that the comfort of your harbour will always be waiting for you. It’s all about the journey and who you travel with.

More than a promenade

One part of the promenade follows the shortest and clearest path through the center of the development and the other branch goes along the water, the marina performing the role of a classic ‘lungomare’ through the park and the planned development.

These pedestrian paths are the project’s main east-to-west connections and anchor it in the larger scale of the city’s waterfront.