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August 12, 2023

Ansa: Vlora Marina, part of the "explosion" of tourism in the Adriatic

An article published in the italian news agency, ANSA, paid attention to the investment growth that are affecting both sides of the Adriatic Sea. In this article was mentioned the newest project in Albania, Vlora Yacht Port, or as it is otherwise known, the Vlora Marina, which geographically belongs to the Adriatic Sea, but is also located very close, if not on the border, to the Ionian Sea, a characteristic that makes the project even more special compared to other similar investments.
Over 416 million euros of investments planned for infrastructure are dedicated to tourism in the Adriatic Sea. This is the estimate for the three years 2023-2025, according to Risposte Turismo, an Italian company specializing in tourism research and consultancy, and which was included in the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report, recently presented in Dubrovnik by the President of this enterprise, Francesco di Cesare.
“One of the new projects is Vlora Marina in Albania (with 438 sailing posts also provided for the superyacht segment, which will be ready starting from 2025 thanks to a total investment of around 45 million euros)" – is mentioned in the article, where it is also mentioned that Albania has the largest increase in the Adriatic region, with 53.9% passengers more than a year ago, after Slovenia, which had a greater increase, and before Montenegro, Greece, or Italy, which are still well ahead in terms of the total number of visitors.
According to the study, the cruise industry and in particular the ferry segment will be the sectors that will benefit the most from new investments in the next three years, for a total amount of about 210 million euros.
Many other projects will expand existing structures, including the Polesana marina (138 new berths for a total investment of €20 million) and the Corfu marina (39 new berths for an investment of around €1.5 million). In Italy, about 100 new berths will be created, from 40 expected by the end of 2023 in the tourist port of Jesolo (Venice) to almost 50 that will be ready in 2024 in the tourist port of Rodi Garganico in the province of Foggia and another ten of the Brindisi Marina. "The figures we published for all operators in this sixth edition of the Adriatic Sea Forum testify to the development of all marine tourism in the Adriatic, a sector that will soon return, into a powerful economic generator" - said Cesare, the head of the company that made this study.