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December 8, 2023

D-Marin comes to Albania

The prestigious marina management network has signed a cooperation agreement with Vlora Marina

Vlora Marina has entered into another partnership agreement, this time with D-Marin, the esteemed marina management network spanning the Mediterranean and the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement, signed by both parties, envisions D-Marin taking over all necessary services for the operation of the Vlora tourist port. This port, being constructed for the first time by Vlora Marina, will provide services such as anchoring, fuel supply, 24-hour security, maintenance of marine vehicles, insurance of portable marina equipment (including vehicles and workboats), and many others. These initiatives aim to establish a new standard for blue tourism in the country, positioning Vlora as a crucial destination in the Mediterranean. Vlora Marina will not only represent modern infrastructure built entirely from scratch but also a hub of high-quality services adhering to international standards, catering to tourists who prefer sea travel. As an inclusive space, port services will be accessible to all tourists and residents of Vlora.

Vanova Strakosha, Project Director of Vlora Marina, mentioned in her speech before the agreement signing that this collaboration establishes new standards in marina management and introduces exclusive services for the first time in Albania.

“The tourist port of Vlora represents an investment of approximately 35 million euros, aiming to elevate the standard of the tourist offering in Vlora and Albania. Recognizing the significance of the Vlora Tourist Port, we are compelled to give utmost attention to the partner entrusted with its management. Today, we gather here to celebrate another collaboration that introduces a significant international player in the tourism sector to our country. D-Marin will stand by our side in this endeavor to revolutionize blue tourism in Albania and establish new benchmarks for what maritime Albania has to offer.”

D-Marin has been active in this sector for two decades, extending its network to Italy, Spain, Croatia, and other locations. It initiated its operations with the first marina in Turkey and currently offers management services and development for approximately 23 marinas in 8 different countries globally, boasting a total capacity of 12,000 mooring spaces. Environmental care is a pivotal element in the company's daily operations, with a focus on minimizing pollution and ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

An integral part of D-Marin's philosophy is to address the needs of the community, showcasing respect for the culture and tradition of the area. Beyond marina management, the company actively contributes to supporting social, cultural, and economic development in the regions where it operates. This commitment centers on nurturing human capital and safeguarding the natural environment.

"Two factors led us to choose Vlora Marina as our collaboration partner. The primary factor is the strategic geographical location of Vlora Marina, acting as a convergence point between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. Given our operations in marinas across Croatia, Greece, and Turkey, this connecting point was a crucial addition for us. We consistently encourage our clients to explore these three locations, and Vlora was the missing link until now. Ambition is one of our guiding principles, with a focus on achieving a global presence. However, this project extends beyond that ambition, considering Vlora's ongoing development; this collaboration represents just one facet of our broader developmental initiatives," emphasizes Gyozo Lantos, Director of Global Services and Purchases at D-Marin.

While speaking, Selcuk Balci, Managing Director of D-Marin, expressed, "Maritime tourism is a substantial contributor to a country's economy, providing additional income. Beyond generating job opportunities for the community around the marina, it also stimulates the economy operating around Vlora Marina. Albania possesses great potential with its beautiful coastline, historical and cultural tourism, encompassing all the elements needed to transform into a powerful destination. The development of maritime tourism not only generates employment but also contributes to the overall economic growth of the region."

"For the construction of the tourist port, the company Vlora Marina will invest around 45 million euros. The marina will comprise 438 mooring spaces for yachts and mega-yachts, with lengths of up to 50 meters. The Vlora Marina, or the tourist port of Vlora, is a concession that foresees the transformation of the old industrial port into a tourist marina, following the strategy of the Albanian state for tourism development. The concession includes the construction, management for a 35-year period, and later the transfer of the tourist port to the state. Upon the conclusion of the concession period, the tourist port will be transferred to the Albanian state. The value of the marina at the time of handover to the Albanian state will be around 5 times higher than the investment value for its construction. An added value will be the strategic positioning of the marina on the maps of Mediterranean maritime tourism and the construction near the port of 5-star hotels, completing the range of services.

This is the latest significant agreement that Vlora Marina has signed in a short period. Earlier, an agreement was also signed with the prestigious Marriott network, an agreement that will introduce, for the first time in Albania, the concept of branded apartments and the 5-star hotel, Vlora Marriott Hotel.

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