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January 29, 2024

Living between land and sea, experiencing an inspiring adventure at Vlora Marina

To reside in a port, explore new coastlines daily, or savour the life of a nomad is as enticing as it is challenging for someone who hasn't tasted the allure and complexity of such a lifestyle. Nevertheless, in the ever-evolving modern world, more than just a challenge, this way of life is a choice favoured by many. Fueled by the construction of modern marinas, the perfection of infrastructure and services, sea enthusiasts and boating aficionados are increasingly taking initiatives to intertwine life between land and sea. If you think that living by the sea or near a port deprives you of some pleasures of life on land, you haven't yet acquainted yourself with Vlora Marina. This project, currently being realized in the city of Vlorë, aims to bring a new concept of living between land and sea. Vlora Marina will introduce the first world-class marina in Albania, situated at the meeting point of the Adriatic and Ionian seas and serving as a connecting bridge to all destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond. Managed by D-Marin, one of the internationally renowned marina management networks, this modern Yacht Port is the place that will inspire you to enjoy the shores, beaches, sunrises, sunsets, and life on land amidst numerous possibilities for exploration, entertainment, and accommodation. From here, you can embark on a journey to explore around 120 natural beaches with crystal-clear waters in a perfect combination of nature between the sea and the mountains. The entire area is known for its islands, bays, and characteristic caves, one of which is the famous Karaburun Island known for its small bays nestled between the rocks. On the way to the island lies the cave of Haxhi Aliu, one of the most beautiful karst caves in the country. The inner walls are filled with wild pigeon nests, while the cave's end forms a small deep blue lake. For those passionate about culture and history, near Vlora Marina is the Museum of Independence, the building that housed the first Albanian government and where original objects from that time are exhibited. Just a few minutes from the city, you can visit another unique destination, such as Kanina Castle. This castle is one of the most famous cultural and historical heritage sites in Vlorë and beyond. Porto Palermo Castle, built during World War II, is another object with historical and cultural values to be discovered. The long list of tourist attractions in the area also includes Narta Lagoon with its pink flamingos, Zvërnec Monastery, Llogara Pass Park, one of the most visited natural spaces in Albania, and many other objects of cultural heritage in the area. After exploring the area, you can return to Vlora Marina, where beyond the modern yacht port, you will find all the service units starting from well-known bars and restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, famous clothing and accessory brands, as well as five-star accommodations at Vlora Marriott Hotel, an internationally recognized brand known worldwide for excellence in service and premium standards. If such a lifestyle seems perfect to you, to the point where you consider making it your refuge to return to whenever you wish, here you have the opportunity to invest in your seaside apartment in a modern residential complex. And whenever you want to return to the sea to explore new coastlines, you and your vessel will have all the necessary services to make both your stay in the port and your sailing experience unique and secure. Services such as anchoring, fuel supply, 24-hour security, maintenance of sailing vessels, provision of marina equipment, including vehicles and workboats, dedicated customer service, specialized shops where you can find assistance and all the necessary equipment for your vessel, guarantee a special experience throughout your maritime expedition. The entire crew of your vessel also has various services at their disposal, ranging from the gym, spas, relaxation centres, participation in events and various activities, to membership in the yacht club as another option to encourage interaction and exchange maritime experiences and adventures with other travellers and sea enthusiasts. Whether you choose the sea, land, or a combination of both, in all cases, Vlora Marina meets 100% of your needs, fulfilling every expectation and offering you a sense of positive emotions and experiences on every journey.