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August 3, 2022

The lack of Albanian infrastructure in yacht berthing

Vlora Marina, a need towards tourism development

Croatia and Montenegro are two of the region’s countries that register a large number of yachts berthed for the summer season. The neighboring country, Italy, also registers high numbers with visitors from all over the world who choose it as a destination . All these three countries are best-loved by tourists, not only for the historical heritage they have or for the coastline, but also for the proper infrastructure they have for berthing yachts, ranking them on the map of elite tourism. Where is Albania positioned regarding this aspect? During the summer season, in our country, random yachts anchor in the city of Vlora or Saranda using the current ports and choosing Albania only as a transitory plac. The lack of a port with all the right parameters for berthing yachts means that our country is not preferred for this type of tourism, even though what we offer on our coastline has the same parameters as that of neighboring countries. According to Ervin Bacaj , the Project Manager of the new Vlora Marina port, investing in this directon is really important, not only to give another boost to country’s tourism, but also to turn it into elite tourism. Bacaj emphasizes that Vlora has a long coastline, with beaches frequented not only by Albanians but also by foreign citizens, who choose Albania as a tourism destination during the season of summer. Thus, by accomplishing the appropriate infrastructure, more tourists from all over the world will join the country with their yachts with the intention to stay longer and not only as a transitory place.