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January 23, 2024

Get to know the most attractive destinations in the region of Vlora.

Vlora is one of the most important tourist destinations in our country, offering not only natural beauty and stunning beaches but also a myriad of tourist attractions to explore. The entire city and its surrounding areas are rich in historical and cultural values that have attracted and continue to attract more visitors. If you don’t plan to go to the beach, or if you want to enjoy this city in the other seasons excluding summer, Vlora has many other attractions that will fill your days with emotions and acquaint you with the culture, cuisine and history of this city which will be surprising in every aspect. The city of Vlora itself offers several monuments with historical value, such as the

1. Independence Museum

Located in the building that housed the first Albanian government, the museum displays original objects from the time that reflect important documents from the period of the Renaissance and Independence. You can also visit the office of the Albanian Prime Minister at that time, Ismail Qemali, and the meeting hall of the first Albanian government.

2. Kuzum Baba

Another attraction within the city of Vlora, a natural terrace carved on the seafront, situated on a hill above the city. It is named after Sejiid Ali Sultan, also known as Kuzum Baba, a Bektashi spiritual leader, whose tomb is in this place. Apart from being considered a holy place, positioned at an altitude of about 30 meters, It also offers a complete panorama of the entire city of Vlora.

3. Soda Forest, Narta Lagoon and Zvërnec Monastery

Soda Forest is also known as the lungs of the city of Vlora. It spans an area of about 600 hectares and is a natural treasure with a variety of trees, plants, and animals. At the end of the Soda Forest, you can continue your journey to Narta Lagoon and then reach Zvërnec Island, a small island where the famous Monastery of St. Mary is located. The entire landscape creates a beautiful natural ensemble with plenty of contrasts but perfect harmony between tranquillity and natural beauty. The entire area is quite popular among both local and foreign visitors.

4. Kanina Castle

Located just 3 km from the city of Vlora, Kanina Castle is considered one of the most famous cultural and historical heritage sites in Vlora and beyond. Its construction dates back to the 4th century BCE, spanning the periods of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The castle rises on top of a hill with an elevation of 389 meters above sea level, offering a 360-degree view of the city of Vlora and its bay.

5. Porto Palermo

Another attraction with historical and cultural value is Porto Palermo Castle, located in the bay of Porto Palermo a few kilometres south of Himara. The castle was built by Ali Pasha Tepelena as a gift for one of his wives whom he deeply loved. The castle has 12 rooms and a dungeon, which during World War II was used as a depot, and during the dictatorship era, it served as a prison. In recent years, its strategic positioning, the view it offers and the history it carries have made it one of the main attractions that have attracted thousands of tourists from around the world.

6. Llogara National Park

A perfect meeting point between the mountain and the sea, Llogara National Park is one of the most visited natural spaces in Albania. Just 40 km southeast of Vlora, the park has an area of endless pine and oak forests. On the way, you will encounter the famous Flag Pine, a 100-year-old pine tree shaped by strong winds to resemble a fluttering flag. Llogara is the most beautiful part of the entire park, where the expanse of pines opens up, revealing the horizon of the Ionian Sea.

7. Hiking in Çika Mountain

For those who love adventure and are passionate about hiking, the Vlora area, despite being a coastal region, offers opportunities for such a sport. In recent years, climbing Mount Çika has become increasingly popular, offering a breathtaking panorama from its summit.

8. Sazan and Karaburun Islands

These are undoubtedly two of the most beautiful islands with the highest number of visitors. Karaburun Island stands out for its beaches and small bays nestled among the rocks, crystal-clear waters, and pristine nature. On the way to the island, you can stop at the cave of Haxhi Aliu, one of the most beautiful karst caves in the country, resembling a Gothic cathedral. The inner walls are filled with wild pigeon nests, while the end of the cave forms a small deep blue lake. Sazan Island is the largest in Albania. During the Cold War, the island served as a military base, where naval vessels and coastal artillery were stationed. The island currently has around 3600 bunkers, turning this destination into a place where natural beauty intertwines with history and culture.

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