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June 20, 2022

Vlora Marina, not only a modern marina but also increasing employment

About 20 million Euros of income per year are expected to be added to Vlora economy, thanks to the marine that this city will soon have. Vlora Marina is the project that will replace the industrial port and fundamentally change this reality. The designers have stipulated a capacity of about 450 berths while the country’s Prime Minister has promised a modern marine which will have world class standards. Yachts and mega-yachts, ships and cruises will be berthed there in accordance with world practices, besides the variety of support services, such as hotel, bar and restaurant, gastronomy, gym and of course the beach, which will be offered to conclude the experience of tourists who will choose Vlora for vacation. Also, all this investment will interpret into increased employment and income for the area. Currently, the industrial port of Vlora is in a poor condition, with backward infrastructure and minimal people and goods volume traffic. Its existing condition has turned into an obstacle for the use of the full tourism potential of our coast. While with the latest investment, Vlora Marina will soon become the gateway to our country for the most popular tourist itineraries, placing Albania on the map of elite tourism.