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August 14, 2023

Vlora Marina, the first world-class marina in Albania, makes its debut

At the National Museum of Independence in Vlora, a place that symbolizes history, handpicked as a meeting point to see the future, the Vlora Marina project, the first world-class marina in Albania, was presented. A special evening brought together investors, partners, and well-known public figures.
Vlora Marina is one of the most important strategic investments being developed in Albania, a joint project of BALFIN Group and Brunes. “This modern harbor will serve as our country’s gateway to the most sought-after tourist destinations, welcoming visitors and residents from all over the globe to experience the unparalleled beauty and hospitality offered by Albania and especially Vlora,” said the Project Manager, Ervin Bacaj, during his speech at the presentation of Vlora Marina.
The president of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, considered this investment highly important for tourism development in the country. “Vlora Marina expects to bring over 200,000 tourists to Albania per year, translated into 20 million euros of income per year going towards the local economy as well as the opening of many new jobs. It will undoubtedly be a development catalyst for the city,” he said.
While co-investor Gerond Çela, President of Brunes, described the projekt as a valuable asset that will serve the city, the country and the economy, ready to host the first moorings from the next season.
The international brands that will join this project are its most important part. The first marina in the country will be managed by one of the biggest and most prestigious names in the world of the industry, present in 7 different countries and with a portfolio of 20 marinas under management, whose name will be revealed later on.
Located in one of the most favorable positions of the city, Vlora Marina brings for the first time in Albania a mixed urban development, completely authentic. A world-class year-round marina with 438 berths, premium apartments with sea view, a renowned network of 5-star luxury hotel brands, and a promenade that brings the most famous commercial brands. In addition, this project will also introduce branded residences, a new concept which adds another dimension to the exclusivity and sophistication of Vlora Marina.