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A brand-new premium mixed-use urban development, with premium sea-view apartments and a seafront promenade. All these sets in motion the revival of the city and provides all the services and activities, turning Vlora into the most dynamic epicenter of the region.

“A high-end marina for yachts and superyachts where you can arrive in style and explore the idyllic and unspoiled beauties of both the Adriatic and Ionian coast.”

The location-Vlora, Albania

Relation to nature

The unmatched climate of over 300 sunny days a year and stunning sea view.  Vlora is known for the richness of its natural scenery, parks, Sazan Island, and intact coastline.

True to its origins

Albania has a unique cultural and historical heritage, praised for its gastronomy, leveraged as luxury and the real benefit  for the country, its society, and Vlora as the City of Independence.

The Mediterranean hospitality

Distinguished by our kindness, openness, and warmth we are keen to help and share the beauty of our country with the world, to you!”.

The Land of Endless Inspiring Beauties

Albania is a place of contrasting interactions between nature, history, culture, tradition, and values. Situated on the greedy shores of the Mediterranean, it has a typical Mediterranean climate, sometimes capricious and sometimes petting, with golden sunsets and cool breezes.

The shores are both sandy and pebbly, making it a welcoming destination for anyone and a guide to the alpine heights. The picturesque and poetic landscapes, intertwined with the immeasurable folklore, have been museums of artists, historians, travelers, and adventurers in the timeless space of Europe.

  • DURRËS ALB 51 nautical miles (NM); N>
  • BARI ITA 126 NM; WNW
  • SPLIT CRO 228 NM; NW


A vibrant, welcoming, authentic, and contemporary city serving, as an international crossroad. Vlora is a world yet to be discovered. The heart of Albanian culture has the industry knowledge to provide premium services as authentic Mediterranean traditions, and historical and gastronomical flavors are in our DNA.

  • Historical significance as the “City of Independence”, an Important strategic military, trade and Tourism destination.
  • The coastline of both the Adriatic Sea as well the Ionian makes it diverse and attractive for tourism.
  • The infrastructure Urban development, Increase in demand for accommodation. Strategic points
  • Major developments: Vlora International Airport; Vlora Bypass, Llogara Tunnel.

The Ionian coastline

The Albanian Riviera, characterized by a constellation of rocky and isolated beaches, surrounded by scenic hills and vertiginous mountains covered in lush and untamed vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean.

Charming and hospitable villages were built over the centuries between the mountains and the sea. A places where visitors can find a temporary home to enjoy the splendid waters and breathtaking vistas of the Ionian Sea.

National Park of Llogara

“National Park of Llogara is situated 40 km south of Vlora at the dividing point between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. This park is notable for its expansive pine forests.” The Flag Pine is among the most massive species and is remarkable for its ecological significance. Aerial activities are popular here, with numerous paragliding competitions within the boundaries of the park. Vistas of the nearby “Vetëtima” Mountain Range and the picturesque beaches serve as the perfect setting for a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.

The ancient city of Orikum

Orikum (Orikos) is today a small coastal town with a very rich history. Located about 40 km south of the archaeological site of Apollonia. According to Pliny, colonists from Colchis established the city of Orikum. Its geographical position made it an important harbor and trading center on the Adriatic coast. Orikum was important to the paramilitary as well. Julius Caesar used the area as a troop encampment for several months until Pompeius Magnus took them. Being subject to such varied cultural influences, Orikum became a thriving urban center. This is witnessed by various archaeological ruins, such as part of an orchestra platform and a small theater with the capacity to hold 400 spectators. Ruins of protective walls and streets are visible lying underwater in a lagoon.

Narta Lagoon

Located north of Vlora, this famous lagoon enjoys the status of a protected area and is famous, on a global scale, for its rich biodiversity. It is one of the largest and most important coastal wetlands in Albania and, not to mention, one of the most spectacular. The lagoon, the untouched forest, the pristine beach with no traces of construction, the traditions, but also the locally produced wine of the village are factors that have attracted the attention of everyone who has had the chance to visit.

Albania UNESCO Heritages

National Park of Butrint

Declared “Monument in Protection” by the Albanian State in 1948. Registered as UNESCO world heritage in 1992. Inclusion in the List of Monuments at Risk in 1997. It was further expanded in 1999.

The museum City of Gjirokastra

Declared a “Museum City” by the Albanian state in 1961. Declared as a world heritage in 2005. Gjirokastra is a unique testimony of a cultural tradition of life during the XIV – XIX centuries.

City of Berat

Registered as a world heritage in 2005 and ratified in 2008. Berat is a city where it can be found traces of the Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods, rich in old churches with wonderful wall paintings, icons, and wood engraving. In 1961 the city was put under the protection of the Albanian state and was declared a “Museum City “.

Application in tentative for UNESCO protection

  • Amphitheatre of Durrës
  • Royal Tombs of Selca
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites of the Ohrid Region

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