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January 15, 2024

Vlora 2nd globally among 10 top destinations according to Booking

Albania has become one of the most preferred destinations for foreign visitors in recent years. Attractive tourist packages with competitive prices, luxurious resorts, stunning beaches, and international media coverage have turned many tourists' attention to Albania. This is best evidenced by the recent list published by, where Vlora ranks second among the top 10 tourist destinations for 2024. informs tourists that Vlora offers a European vacation experience similar to the Maldives but much more affordable. In Vlora, you can find some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the country, including the famous Narta Lagoon, which has garnered attention from international media, including National Geographic. The latter recently dedicated a full article, publishing special photos from the lagoon and the spectacular display of pink flamingos that landed there. Llogara Pass is another highly frequented tourist spot, not only for its beauty but also for enthusiasts of air sports. From here, you can experience paragliding and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the entire area from above. The past year marked a record number of tourists in Albania, with over 10 million visitors from around the world exploring the history, culture, picturesque beaches, and cuisine, leaving the best impressions and a desire to return in every season. The year 2024, according to predictions, promises to be even more successful, thanks to ambitious projects underway in the city of Vlora and significant infrastructure improvements. One of these projects is Vlora Marina, a mixed urban development that includes the construction of the first world-class marina in the country with 438 anchoring spots for yachts and mega yachts up to 50 meters. The project also features a limited number of premium apartments with sea views, branded apartments, a seaside promenade with internationally renowned brands, and the 5-star Vlora Marriott Hotel. With the opening of the Llogara Pass tunnel and the operational Vlora Airport, this destination will be easily accessible by sea, air, and land.