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June 30, 2022

Enjoy Vlora along the year, Vlora Marina, the project that will revitalize tourism

You can enjoy the city of Vlora both during the summer, but also during the winter season. Vlora Marina, the new tourism port is expected to rank it in the list of tourist cities along the year. The most challenging venture in itself, promises a large modern marine, where tourist vessels, from yachts and megayachts , will be berthed. According to Ervin Bacaj, who manages this project, the Marine will have international standards, but the real innovation will be the diverse services that will be offered in the premises regardless of the seasons. In Vlora Marina, there will also be spaces for cultural and artistic activities in every period, and its functionality will be intertwined with the development of the area. "Citizens will have the opportunity to stop at the Marine, and furthermore, go with a specific goal and become part of the events that are organized there. Services such as bars and restaurants, but also all others, will be available throughout the year to anyone who frequents the south coast" - says the Project Manager. According to Ervin Bacaj, this tourism port will be at the same level as the marines in Europe’s different countries and those in the neighboring countries. Everything is feasible if we consider that the total value of the investment will be ALL 2.8 billion, spread over three to four years, while the income it will bring to the city's economy when it starts operating will be considerable.