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July 27, 2022

Vlora Marina, the project that completes the infrastructure for a year-round tourism

Not simply the city of Vlora, but in general coastal tourism in our country has a seasonal tourism which lasts mostly until October, depending on the climatic conditions. It is often discussed about a season that lasts throughout the year, but in order to have such tourism there is also a need for a proper infrastructure that facilitates the movements of tourists who want to visit our coast as well as the addition of accommodation structures. Vlora Marina is the project that aims to turn the city of Vlora into a center not only seasonal but visitable all year round. With a marine for berthing yachts, with the promenade along the marine where various services meet the demands of visitors within all service standards. Vlora Marina is expected to fill what is missing in the country’s tourism. But with the new project, the visitors of the marine will also require other complementary services, and this is precisely why there is a need for more hotel capacities. According to tourist agencies, the city of Vlora continues to be attractive for both local and foreign tourists. Every year there are more requests for hotels from foreign tourists who prefer to visit our country attracted by the coast, natural beauty, history and local cuisine. By achieving this necessary infrastructure, such as the harbor for berthing yachts and meeting the accommodation requirements within the standards, the city of Vlora, and not only, is intended to become a destination in the winter season as well.