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6 reasons why living by the sea is good for your health!

6 reasons why living by the sea is good for your health!

6 reasons why living by the sea is good for your health!

There’s something magical about living by the sea, and we all seem to agree on that. Besides dictating a new way of life, it’s also perfect for your health, significantly impacting its improvement. Living by the sea means creating a new routine that never gets boring and, in many cases, can be inspiring, boosting creativity and making you more productive in your daily life. Since people began exploring the planet, they have consistently sought out water, and even today, in modern times, we choose to relax or spend special moments in nature, mainly in coastal areas. But why is coastal living so valuable? Below, we list some concrete reasons.

1. Blue spaces

The feeling of tranquillity we gain from the sea and its colour is what scientists call the “blue mind,” a highly effective way to detach from hyperactive life and enter a calmer flow. Just like the green, blue colour has the same soothing effect, especially after a busy week or day.

2. Clean Air

The air by the sea is much cleaner, and according to studies, it contains more negative ions that are beneficial to health. Negative ions increase serotonin levels, serving as a mood regulator, and also helping boost energy levels.

3. Boost your body’s immunity!

Plants and trees in coastal areas produce a substance called Phytoncides, which helps eliminate harmful bacteria and also boosts the body’s immunity. Through this, our bodies increase the production of white blood cells, which serve to protect us from various infections or diseases.

4. More vitamin D

We all know how important vitamin D is for health and how challenging it can be to obtain it through food alone. The only safe and effective way is exposure to sunlight, and regularly being in contact with seawater and blue spaces ensures this.

5. Improved sleep

A study by the National Trust has revealed that people who walk by the sea for at least 30 minutes everyday experience better sleep quality. Seaside walks also help combat insomnia and usually contribute to sleeping at least an hour more than in cases where no seaside walk is taken.

6. Emotional well-being

Just being by the sea can make you feel relaxed and much calmer in just a few minutes. Experts have found that the sea acts as an emotional state regulator through the breeze, fresh air, and the sound of the sea waves. Simply hearing the sound of the waves can make all the difference.

Living between land and sea, experiencing an inspiring adventure at Vlora Marina

Living between land and sea, experiencing an inspiring adventure at Vlora Marina

Living between land and sea, experiencing an inspiring adventure at Vlora Marina

To reside in a port, explore new coastlines daily, or savour the life of a nomad is as enticing as it is challenging for someone who hasn’t tasted the allure and complexity of such a lifestyle. Nevertheless, in the ever-evolving modern world, more than just a challenge, this way of life is a choice favoured by many. Fueled by the construction of modern marinas, the perfection of infrastructure and services, sea enthusiasts and boating aficionados are increasingly taking initiatives to intertwine life between land and sea.
If you think that living by the sea or near a port deprives you of some pleasures of life on land, you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with Vlora Marina. This project, currently being realized in the city of Vlorë, aims to bring a new concept of living between land and sea. Vlora Marina will introduce the first world-class marina in Albania, situated at the meeting point of the Adriatic and Ionian seas and serving as a connecting bridge to all destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond. Managed by D-Marin, one of the internationally renowned marina management networks, this modern Yacht Port is the place that will inspire you to enjoy the shores, beaches, sunrises, sunsets, and life on land amidst numerous possibilities for exploration, entertainment, and accommodation.
From here, you can embark on a journey to explore around 120 natural beaches with crystal-clear waters in a perfect combination of nature between the sea and the mountains. The entire area is known for its islands, bays, and characteristic caves, one of which is the famous Karaburun Island known for its small bays nestled between the rocks. On the way to the island lies the cave of Haxhi Aliu, one of the most beautiful karst caves in the country. The inner walls are filled with wild pigeon nests, while the cave’s end forms a small deep blue lake.
For those passionate about culture and history, near Vlora Marina is the Museum of Independence, the building that housed the first Albanian government and where original objects from that time are exhibited. Just a few minutes from the city, you can visit another unique destination, such as Kanina Castle. This castle is one of the most famous cultural and historical heritage sites in Vlorë and beyond. Porto Palermo Castle, built during World War II, is another object with historical and cultural values to be discovered. The long list of tourist attractions in the area also includes Narta Lagoon with its pink flamingos, Zvërnec Monastery, Llogara Pass Park, one of the most visited natural spaces in Albania, and many other objects of cultural heritage in the area.
After exploring the area, you can return to Vlora Marina, where beyond the modern yacht port, you will find all the service units starting from well-known bars and restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, famous clothing and accessory brands, as well as five-star accommodations at Vlora Marriott Hotel, an internationally recognized brand known worldwide for excellence in service and premium standards.
If such a lifestyle seems perfect to you, to the point where you consider making it your refuge to return to whenever you wish, here you have the opportunity to invest in your seaside apartment in a modern residential complex.
And whenever you want to return to the sea to explore new coastlines, you and your vessel will have all the necessary services to make both your stay in the port and your sailing experience unique and secure. Services such as anchoring, fuel supply, 24-hour security, maintenance of sailing vessels, provision of marina equipment, including vehicles and workboats, dedicated customer service, specialized shops where you can find assistance and all the necessary equipment for your vessel, guarantee a special experience throughout your maritime expedition.
The entire crew of your vessel also has various services at their disposal, ranging from the gym, spas, relaxation centres, participation in events and various activities, to membership in the yacht club as another option to encourage interaction and exchange maritime experiences and adventures with other travellers and sea enthusiasts.
Whether you choose the sea, land, or a combination of both, in all cases, Vlora Marina meets 100% of your needs, fulfilling every expectation and offering you a sense of positive emotions and experiences on every journey.

Vlora a pearl of Albanian tourism all to be explored

Vlora a pearl of Albanian tourism all to be explored

Get to know the most attractive destinations in the region of Vlora.

Vlora is one of the most important tourist destinations in our country, offering not only natural beauty and stunning beaches but also a myriad of tourist attractions to explore. The entire city and its surrounding areas are rich in historical and cultural values that have attracted and continue to attract more visitors. If you don’t plan to go to the beach, or if you want to enjoy this city in the other seasons excluding summer, Vlora has many other attractions that will fill your days with emotions and acquaint you with the culture, cuisine and history of this city which will be surprising in every aspect.
The city of Vlora itself offers several monuments with historical value, such as the

1. Independence Museum

Located in the building that housed the first Albanian government, the museum displays original objects from the time that reflect important documents from the period of the Renaissance and Independence. You can also visit the office of the Albanian Prime Minister at that time, Ismail Qemali, and the meeting hall of the first Albanian government.

2. Kuzum Baba

Another attraction within the city of Vlora, a natural terrace carved on the seafront, situated on a hill above the city. It is named after Sejiid Ali Sultan, also known as Kuzum Baba, a Bektashi spiritual leader, whose tomb is in this place. Apart from being considered a holy place, positioned at an altitude of about 30 meters, It also offers a complete panorama of the entire city of Vlora.

3. Soda Forest, Narta Lagoon and Zvërnec Monastery

Soda Forest is also known as the lungs of the city of Vlora. It spans an area of about 600 hectares and is a natural treasure with a variety of trees, plants, and animals. At the end of the Soda Forest, you can continue your journey to Narta Lagoon and then reach Zvërnec Island, a small island where the famous Monastery of St. Mary is located. The entire landscape creates a beautiful natural ensemble with plenty of contrasts but perfect harmony between tranquillity and natural beauty. The entire area is quite popular among both local and foreign visitors.

4. Kanina Castle

Located just 3 km from the city of Vlora, Kanina Castle is considered one of the most famous cultural and historical heritage sites in Vlora and beyond. Its construction dates back to the 4th century BCE, spanning the periods of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The castle rises on top of a hill with an elevation of 389 meters above sea level, offering a 360-degree view of the city of Vlora and its bay.

5. Porto Palermo

Another attraction with historical and cultural value is Porto Palermo Castle, located in the bay of Porto Palermo a few kilometres south of Himara. The castle was built by Ali Pasha Tepelena as a gift for one of his wives whom he deeply loved. The castle has 12 rooms and a dungeon, which during World War II was used as a depot, and during the dictatorship era, it served as a prison. In recent years, its strategic positioning, the view it offers and the history it carries have made it one of the main attractions that have attracted thousands of tourists from around the world.

6. Llogara National Park

A perfect meeting point between the mountain and the sea, Llogara National Park is one of the most visited natural spaces in Albania. Just 40 km southeast of Vlora, the park has an area of endless pine and oak forests. On the way, you will encounter the famous Flag Pine, a 100-year-old pine tree shaped by strong winds to resemble a fluttering flag. Llogara is the most beautiful part of the entire park, where the expanse of pines opens up, revealing the horizon of the Ionian Sea.

7. Hiking in Çika Mountain

For those who love adventure and are passionate about hiking, the Vlora area, despite being a coastal region, offers opportunities for such a sport. In recent years, climbing Mount Çika has become increasingly popular, offering a breathtaking panorama from its summit.

8. Sazan and Karaburun Islands

These are undoubtedly two of the most beautiful islands with the highest number of visitors. Karaburun Island stands out for its beaches and small bays nestled among the rocks, crystal-clear waters, and pristine nature. On the way to the island, you can stop at the cave of Haxhi Aliu, one of the most beautiful karst caves in the country, resembling a Gothic cathedral. The inner walls are filled with wild pigeon nests, while the end of the cave forms a small deep blue lake. Sazan Island is the largest in Albania. During the Cold War, the island served as a military base, where naval vessels and coastal artillery were stationed. The island currently has around 3600 bunkers, turning this destination into a place where natural beauty intertwines with history and culture.

Vlora, is making headlines in international media as a top destination in southern Albania.

Vlora ranked second globally among the top 10 preferred destinations according to Booking

Vlora 2nd globally among 10 top destinations according to Booking

Albania has become one of the most preferred destinations for foreign visitors in recent years. Attractive tourist packages with competitive prices, luxurious resorts, stunning beaches, and international media coverage have turned many tourists’ attention to Albania. This is best evidenced by the recent list published by, where Vlora ranks second among the top 10 tourist destinations for 2024. informs tourists that Vlora offers a European vacation experience similar to the Maldives but much more affordable.
In Vlora, you can find some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the country, including the famous Narta Lagoon, which has garnered attention from international media, including National Geographic. The latter recently dedicated a full article, publishing special photos from the lagoon and the spectacular display of pink flamingos that landed there.
Llogara Pass is another highly frequented tourist spot, not only for its beauty but also for enthusiasts of air sports. From here, you can experience paragliding and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the entire area from above.
The past year marked a record number of tourists in Albania, with over 10 million visitors from around the world exploring the history, culture, picturesque beaches, and cuisine, leaving the best impressions and a desire to return in every season. The year 2024, according to predictions, promises to be even more successful, thanks to ambitious projects underway in the city of Vlora and significant infrastructure improvements.
One of these projects is Vlora Marina, a mixed urban development that includes the construction of the first world-class marina in the country with 438 anchoring spots for yachts and mega yachts up to 50 meters. The project also features a limited number of premium apartments with sea views, branded apartments, a seaside promenade with internationally renowned brands, and the 5-star Vlora Marriott Hotel.
With the opening of the Llogara Pass tunnel and the operational Vlora Airport, this destination will be easily accessible by sea, air, and land.

D-Marin comes to Albania

D-Marin comes to Albania

D-Marin comes to Albania

The prestigious marina management network has signed a cooperation agreement with Vlora Marina

Vlora Marina has entered into another partnership agreement, this time with D-Marin, the esteemed marina management network spanning the Mediterranean and the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement, signed by both parties, envisions D-Marin taking over all necessary services for the operation of the Vlora tourist port. This port, being constructed for the first time by Vlora Marina, will provide services such as anchoring, fuel supply, 24-hour security, maintenance of marine vehicles, insurance of portable marina equipment (including vehicles and workboats), and many others. These initiatives aim to establish a new standard for blue tourism in the country, positioning Vlora as a crucial destination in the Mediterranean. Vlora Marina will not only represent modern infrastructure built entirely from scratch but also a hub of high-quality services adhering to international standards, catering to tourists who prefer sea travel. As an inclusive space, port services will be accessible to all tourists and residents of Vlora.

Vanova Strakosha, Project Director of Vlora Marina, mentioned in her speech before the agreement signing that this collaboration establishes new standards in marina management and introduces exclusive services for the first time in Albania.

“The tourist port of Vlora represents an investment of approximately 35 million euros, aiming to elevate the standard of the tourist offering in Vlora and Albania. Recognizing the significance of the Vlora Tourist Port, we are compelled to give utmost attention to the partner entrusted with its management. Today, we gather here to celebrate another collaboration that introduces a significant international player in the tourism sector to our country. D-Marin will stand by our side in this endeavor to revolutionize blue tourism in Albania and establish new benchmarks for what maritime Albania has to offer.”

D-Marin has been active in this sector for two decades, extending its network to Italy, Spain, Croatia, and other locations. It initiated its operations with the first marina in Turkey and currently offers management services and development for approximately 23 marinas in 8 different countries globally, boasting a total capacity of 12,000 mooring spaces. Environmental care is a pivotal element in the company’s daily operations, with a focus on minimizing pollution and ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

An integral part of D-Marin’s philosophy is to address the needs of the community, showcasing respect for the culture and tradition of the area. Beyond marina management, the company actively contributes to supporting social, cultural, and economic development in the regions where it operates. This commitment centers on nurturing human capital and safeguarding the natural environment.

“Two factors led us to choose Vlora Marina as our collaboration partner. The primary factor is the strategic geographical location of Vlora Marina, acting as a convergence point between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. Given our operations in marinas across Croatia, Greece, and Turkey, this connecting point was a crucial addition for us. We consistently encourage our clients to explore these three locations, and Vlora was the missing link until now. Ambition is one of our guiding principles, with a focus on achieving a global presence. However, this project extends beyond that ambition, considering Vlora’s ongoing development; this collaboration represents just one facet of our broader developmental initiatives,”
emphasizes Gyozo Lantos, Director of Global Services and Purchases at D-Marin.

While speaking, Selcuk Balci, Managing Director of D-Marin, expressed, “Maritime tourism is a substantial contributor to a country’s economy, providing additional income. Beyond generating job opportunities for the community around the marina, it also stimulates the economy operating around Vlora Marina. Albania possesses great potential with its beautiful coastline, historical and cultural tourism, encompassing all the elements needed to transform into a powerful destination. The development of maritime tourism not only generates employment but also contributes to the overall economic growth of the region.”

“For the construction of the tourist port, the company Vlora Marina will invest around 45 million euros. The marina will comprise 438 mooring spaces for yachts and mega-yachts, with lengths of up to 50 meters. The Vlora Marina, or the tourist port of Vlora, is a concession that foresees the transformation of the old industrial port into a tourist marina, following the strategy of the Albanian state for tourism development. The concession includes the construction, management for a 35-year period, and later the transfer of the tourist port to the state. Upon the conclusion of the concession period, the tourist port will be transferred to the Albanian state. The value of the marina at the time of handover to the Albanian state will be around 5 times higher than the investment value for its construction. An added value will be the strategic positioning of the marina on the maps of Mediterranean maritime tourism and the construction near the port of 5-star hotels, completing the range of services.

This is the latest significant agreement that Vlora Marina has signed in a short period. Earlier, an agreement was also signed with the prestigious Marriott network, an agreement that will introduce, for the first time in Albania, the concept of branded apartments and the 5-star hotel, Vlora Marriott Hotel.

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